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Lyn Ford

Bil Lepp

Paul Strickland

Greg Hand

Dave Levy

Molly Wellmann


Thursday February 6th

6:30pm Stand-Up History with Greg Hand

Things were a lot weirder back in the day, and they get plenty weird at a Stand-Up History show. 

Recommended ages 13+

75 minutes

8pm Laughing Night

Funny stories from multi-award-winning humorists Bil Lepp and Paul Strickland!  A hilarious laugh-a-minute event for the whole family!

Recommended for anyone who can sit still for 90 minutes

90 minutes

Friday February 7th

5:30pm Hilarity Happy Hour
Funny, lighthearted stories from Lyn Ford, Bil Lepp and Paul Strickland. Recommended ages 13+
60 minutes

6:45pm Show and Tell with True Theatre
Dave Levy of True Theatre leads a showcase-style open mic of stories about objects.  Have a story you wanna tell?  Bring a thing and tell a tale!
Recommended ages 10+

60 minutes

8pm National Storyteller Showcase
Stories from our Nationally Touring Storytellers Lyn Ford, Paul Strickland, and Bil Lepp!
Recommended ages 10+

90 minutes

Saturday February 8th

11am Kids and Family Stories (Individual Tickets Available Here)

Lyn Ford and Bil Lepp have won numerous awards for children's books and stories, and always tell stories for the whole family, but for this hour they focus on the kids!
Recommended for anyone who can sit still for 60 minutes

60 minutes

1pm Kids and Family Stories

(Individual Tickets Available Here)
Lyn Ford and Bil Lepp tell different stories from the 11am show!
Recommended for anyone who can sit still for 60 minutes

60 minutes

WORKSHOP 2:30pm-4pm
Paul Strickland: Collage in Storytelling
How to use collage techniques to combine anecdotes, images and other bits and pieces into a story that is larger than the sum of its parts. 
Recommended ages 13+

90 minutes

5pm Haunted Happy Hour
Ghost stories and other stories of the spooky and macabre as told by Lyn Ford and Paul Strickland!  Recommended ages 13+
60 minutes

7:30pm Closing National Tellers Showcase
Our Nationally Touring Storytellers Lyn Ford, Paul Strickland and Bil Lepp close out the festival by telling us some of their personal favorite stories!
Recommended ages 13+

120 minutes


There’s a couple of different ways to get all the storytelling your heart desires over the entire weekend!

All Festival Pass $50 Call 513-241-6550 to purchase All Festival Passes (Only $40 before December 31st!) 

Day Pass A Day Pass will get you into any or all of the shows for that day only. 

     Thursday $15 

     Friday $20

     Saturday $25 (Please Note: Workshops are not included in the Saturday Pass.)

Individual Tickets $10 (Individual Tickets are Available for the Saturday morning Kids and Family Stories only) 

Workshops $20 ($10 with an All Festival Pass)


Paul Strickland has been a Cincinnati favorite for years, and has traveled with his beloved Trailer Park Trilogy and other storytelling shows to fringe festivals all over North America. He's also a nationally acclaimed storyteller, and will be taking his stories to festivals like the Paris Storytelling Festival, Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, and more. But why is Paul travelling to tell his stories? Why not bring his favorite storytellers here?

Madcap Education Center and other local arts organizations have asked Paul Strickland to help them do just that--bring more nationally recognized storytellers right here to Cincinnati, while championing local Cincinnati favorites at the same time! February 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2020 will see Cincinnati's first Storytelling Festival.


We are currently running an IndieGogo campaign to help finish funding the festival. If you want to learn more or are able to help, click the button below!


3064 Harrison Ave

Cincinnati OH 45211

Learn More About our Tellers!




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